The Music: 'Meet the artist who played her debut US show at one of NY's most influential venues' 

The Wandering Lamb: "With a world-class live show accompanying her world-class tunes, my guess is that that hype is here to stay. At least for a little while yet".

Aphra Magazine: "Her music is a melting pot of insanely catchy and cleverly produced feel-good rhythms that the crowd eats right up. If you are up for feel good rhythms, an infectious care free energy and a totally entertaining live show that will be sure to get you on your feet, you should definitely check her out"

Speaker TV (in support of Banoffee): "[Alice Ivy] swiftly absorbed onlookers into the capricious rhythm of her sound. "

Mixdown Magazine: "Alice Ivy’s ecstatic sample-heavy big beat soul music sounds like Primal Scream’s Screamadelica has been turned into an Off-Broadway musical - it’s almost certain to be a joyous, booty-shaking-with-strangers experience"

Almost here (feat. rara) (single)

Acclaim Premier: ' She unleashed the goodness of her latest single ' Almost Here' this week via Triple J and we're proud to bring you the online premier of the soaring track'

Triple J (Home and Hosed): ' The 5 top tracks you need to hear this week'.

Pile Rats: ' Almost Here' Tour Announcement




Pile Rats premier: "One of the most unique and interesting tracks we've heard so far this year."

Richard Kingsmill (Triple J) :  "Wait for the Guitar to come in, you'll be sold then."

Pile Rats: "It’s a fascinating infusion of RnB style sampling, funk music beats and soul harmony all wrapped up in smooth electronic production".

AU review (Single of the day): "Alice Ivy establishes a warm and initing soundscape quickly and invites the listener to get taken away - we're on board".






WALK ON (Collaboration with eloji/branford)

Hau Latukefu (Koolism, Triple J) - "Maaan, that horn loop. Alice, you're crazy for that one! Beat is hard."

(Triple J Unearthed Review)

Howls and Echoes - "I absolutely love that more music like this is coming out of Australia. An indication that the local landscape is not only changing, but growing up."


Adam Not Eve - "Paint me Blue is a chillingly beautiful number - If you have not heard of Annika Schmarsel (Alice Ivy) its about time you did".

Black Plastic (UK) - "Pretty new single, Paint me blue is an atmospheric and smoky soul track - throw in the fact that 80% of sales are going to the Australia Cancer Research foundation and its pretty hard to justify why you wouldn't want to buy it"

Stereo Fox - "This new Alice Ivy track landed in my inbox a few days ago and has been on repeat ever since"

Howls & Echoes - "This is one of the more beautiful tracks I've heard in recent times. Starting off with delicate keys, a pounding bass drum and smoky, soulful vocals, Paint me blue had me hooked from about the first 10 seconds".

Mock The Bird - "Draws you in with it's deep and complex soundscape" 

Acid Stag - "Best Sunday Chills"


Acid Stag - "I'm certain it's going to push some buttons in a lot of you. It seriously has all of the funk you will need today"

Turntable Kitchen - "Like an ice cold mojito, it has all of the ingredients to keep any poolside dance party going through the sweltering heat"

Mismatch TV - "Mean Man's Bite' will have you hitting the replay button at least once."

Speaker TV - " The upbeat soul-infused house track oozes funk and charm"

Ego FM (Germany) - "Eine Coole Sohl-Stimme, funkige Electro-beats, ein schickes Album Cover" ("A cool Soul voice, funky electro beats and a neat Album cover").

Howl and Echoes - "Step back into a land of day's past, where glitter, funk and soulful vocals are the hottest things in town"



Flea Market Funk - "Ivy has the right recipe to get your head nodding on this one."

The 405 - "a kitsch shopp--ing trip 50 years back in time with cocktails and fun galore"

Banoffee (artist) - "I'm obsessed with it, I can't stop listening."

Dom Alessio (Home & Hosed Triple J) - "I'm a bit of a sucker for some sample-based electronica. This is a promising first offering."

(Triple J Unearthed review of Charlie)